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The Library

Cheyenne, Wyoming Library!

My parents owned a restaurant while my brother and I were growing up.  In the summer, where we spent a good amount of our summer, we’d take our breaks and head to the library which was a couple of blocks away.  It was some place quiet and some place we couldn’t get called at!!!  It was those times my love of libraries grew to what it is.

Over time I got to know one of the librarians and I suppose I could say he shaped my reading habits I have today.  He loved fiction and I do as well.  Probably a little to much, but that’s what I enjoy reading.  Oh I don’t mind reading non-fiction, but if I’m given a choice it’s going to be fiction!

These days I don’t spend as much time at the library as I’d like. Were we live we have an incredible library (photo above!) and I’d love to spend more time there checking out books (really what I need is more time to read!).  Our oldest son enjoys going to the library, but more for the fact they have an awesome play area and he usually plays with some friends.  However I’m hopeful that as he gets older he’ll enjoy the library for the books more than the play area.  Explore new worlds and meet new people.

All of these memories came flooding back to me when I went to the library this last weekend and checked out more books than I can read in the 28 day lending period (raise your hand if this is you?!?!?!)

Go and enjoy your library!