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The Lottery – Fiction

“So I bought a lottery ticket,” Ian said.

“Why did you do that?” Eve asked.

“Well we’ve got to do something. We just can’t continue to get by. You tell me that all the time.”

“Those two dollars could have gone to a payment or something like that.  Not wasted on a lottery ticket that we’ll never win.  You should have just burned up two dollars.”

Ian turned back to his computer and started typing again.  Ever since he’d lost his job at the software company and not been able to find meaningful employment, Eve and him had been picking at each other over the smallest of things.  The way he saw it two dollars was not going to get them out of their situation.  However if they won the 209 million dollar lottery their lives would change forever.

Eve glared at the back of Ians head wishing she could bore a hole in it and cause him the pain that he’d caused her.  That was extreme, but when he had lost his job, she had also lost her identity and was at a loss of what to do.  Ian’s search for a new job had turned up nothing so far and she’d taken up waiting tables while he stayed at home and played computer games.  And now he’d taken her hard earned money and spent it on a lottery ticket.

“So what numbers did you pick?” Eve asked as they watched the evening news waiting for the numbers to be displayed.

“The numbers we used to pick,” Ian stated.

Eve didn’t say anything but glanced over at Ian when the numbers came up.

“And now what you’ve all been waiting for,” The news announcer started.

Ian pulled out the ticket and watched the numbers come up on the screen.

“15,” The announcer said.

“We got the first one,” Ian said.

Another ball popped up.  16.

“Second number too,” Eve said.

Both of them started to get excited.

The next number came up and they had that one as well.  Same for the next two.

“And now the one that could change all of your lives…the Powerball number.”

The red ball popped up into the tube.  It was a match.

“We won,” Ian said smugly.

“Holy crap,” Eve said.

For many years I’ve tossed around the idea of writing some story about winning the lottery, not very original I’m sure, and what would happen and what would change.  I’d like to think if I had that option, winning the Powerball, we’d be unlike the people we see on those TV shows about the lottery ruining their lives.  Who knows.  I don’t play the Powerball consistently. 

What would you do if you won the Powerball?