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The Terrible Two’s but then what?

When our son was two and a half years old the terrible two’s started.  But I’m pretty thankful that his haven’t been that bad.  However we are a small amount into the three’s and I’m wishing for the two’s because things have not gotten any better.

After talking to a few other dads of kids a bit older than our son, I knew that it was only going to get worse.  But still there are times where I’m like “can we fast forward to the good parts”.  I’m told that it happens when they are about three and a half, which I’m really hoping for….soon!  I think the term that I heard used was “they start to turn into little humans”.  So bring on the happy fours?

Having said (written?) all of this, I would not trade anything in the world for the experience we are going thru.  I believe as we look back on it we will laugh a bit about it.  And hopefully we will have learned a little something for #2 when he hit’s this stage.