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The top 100 books of 2013 by Amazon

It would be fair for me to say that I’ve increased my reading this year.  I don’t know the exact count of what I’ve read, but it’s been more than past years. Why that is I’m not really sure.  Perhaps it’s my Kindle and all the free books there, but as I look back I realize many of the books I’ve read are from the library.

And as we end head to the last part of the year, we begin to be bashed over the head with “the best of 2013” stuff, hoping that we’ll buy it.  Just yesterday I was pushed the Amazon list of the best books of 2013. (the top book being The Goldfinch…which I’ve never heard of!)I looked through it and discovered that I had not read a single one of the books on there and there were less than 5 that I was half way interested in reading.  Does this make me a ‘bad’ reader?  Nope.  Just makes me someone who doesn’t read a lot of literature, because that’s mostly what’s on that list.  For better or for worse I like the books that take me away to another world for a bit of escape.

How many have you read on this list?  Or perhaps on the GoodReads list (I’m more likely to have read something off of this list, but if I remember correctly I hadn’t read many, but did want to read a good many more!)