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The Zest for Life: Where has it gone?

Toddler boy portrait

Toddler boy portrait by Livia Chamelle @Flickr

As I’ve watched my grow up the last 30 months it’s been incredible.  I sometimes sit back and just marvel at all of the things he’s learning and doing.  Most of them are good things, but some make you shake your head and other’s need to be replaced with other actions.  But what amazes me is his zest for life.

He doesn’t sleep in, which bothers my wife and I at times, but when he’s up he’s ready to go.  There’s no “wait I need a cup of coffee”.  It’s “daddy play with me downstairs” or “chase me”.  And it’s made me wonder when we, as adults, have lost this zest for life.  Is it because we have to go to work?  Go to school?  Something else that gets us down?  If everything was different and we loved our job and loved school would we have more zest for life, like a 2 and a half year old?  I don’t have the answer to that, but at times I wonder where the zest for life has gone.  I think it’s time that we find some more zest for life.

What do you think?