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I don’t know everything nor will I ever pretend to know everything. But one thing I can tell you is that mobile can’t be ignored.  If you are a web developer and a designer you can no longer mobile.

Awhile back when I was on one of my ‘fishing expeditions’ on PyroCMS (I am of course back into PyroCMS) I bought a theme.  It was cheap so I really shouldn’t have expected a whole lot.  But once I got it all unpacked and installed onto a site I was disappointed to see that there was no mobile setup (there was a whole bunch of other issues which led me to switching this site to WordPress).  In PyroCMS this is fairly easy.  You just setup a web folder, for those that are viewing on a web browser and you setup a mobile folder and it will load that for those who are viewing on a mobile device (web view is loaded for iPad’s as most of them have a better resolution than my 27″ monitor!).

So designers/developers if you are not putting thought about mobile, you need to be.  I’m working on a PyroCMS design and one of these things I will include out of the box is a mobile version.  It may not change the world, but most people spend more time on their mobile devices, so it’s worth it.