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Three problems with Adobe’s Creative Cloud

As the director of IT at the newspaper I’ve been dealing with the colossal changes that Adobe has made to the way software is purchased (no decisions made).  For those living in a cave or under a rock here’s what’s changed.  You can no longer purchase individual copies of the software and use it for the next 10 years (or however long).  No instead you must subscribe to their Creative Cloud (CC) at a monthly fee.  It gives you a bit of cloud storage space, but otherwise that’s it.  I’ve not heard that the cloud storage is any great thing.  But here are three things that are wrong with this whole CC thing.

  • You are renting the software…FOREVER.  You never own the software.  If you cancel your subscription…bye bye software.  You’ve paid out how much money and have nothing to show for it?  Sorry, but I’m not down with that.
  • You are renting your files.  I’m reaching a bit here, but I think over time this will be proven true.  When you cancel your subscription (if you do) you can no longer open your files with the software.  I also think that in the future Adobe will embed a piece of code into your files that were created with their CC products that does a check to see if the file is being opened by a CC product.  If not, your out of luck for those files you’ve put your hard work into.
  • This change mostly favors Adobe and not the consumer.  We as consumers got ‘hooked’ on Adobe products and now we are paying for that.  This change has probably done a great job of boosting Adobe’s sales and monthly income (which stockholders will enjoy at some point).  It used to be that you’d buy a Adobe product and use it for X years.  Now you are paying a monthly fee so you can’t take that expense out of X years.

I’m all for corporations making money but this is a bit much for me to stomach.  I’d be more willing to swallow this change if after 2 consecutive years of a subscription you owned the product and there was no file lockout (again I’m reading into this).

I don’t have a solution to this change.  I’m not sure many people do have a solution to it. My only suggestion would be to see what you can do without Adobe and see if there are any alternative solutions.  Unfortunately in the newspaper industry many of us have bought into the Adobe family and are now stuck with this.