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Top Posts of 2014

This is Day 7 of 10 Days to a Better Blog (I took Sunday off so I’m a day behind!)

Day 7 of this Better Blog progression is looking at our top posts for the past year.  I’m a bit late to the ball game on this post, but here are my tops posts for 2014 and some additional thoughts on them.

1 – SQL Schema to CodeIgniter DBForge – This one really surprises me as this was something that I did based off of some contract work and something that I needed.  I’ve used it a little bit here and there myself, but didn’t think anyone else would use it.  Additionally I’m sure it would be coded a lot better by someone else.  I’m glad to see that it’s being used by others!

2 – 3 CMS’s: WordPress, Expression Engine and PyroCMS (the 100,000 foot view) – This post was written in January of 2013.  At the time it received some traffic to it and I’m still amazed that it shows up as a more popular one.  Having said that I’ve been tempted to take down all of my posts regarding PyroCMS as I believe so much has changed on the product that these posts are not useful.  I know at least the ownership has changed for reason’s I’m not privy to and they are getting close to moving it 100% to Laravel.

3 – Goodbye PyroCMS, Hello WordPress (the real #3 is the link to the migrate script referred to in the #1 post, but since it’s not a post I’m not including it!)  – Once again a PyroCMS post.  I think this is because beyond the website for PyroCMS there are no other resources for the CMS.  I know some people had talked about doing a community based website but I don’t think anything came of that.

So there are 2 posts related to PyroCMS which I will not be writing more about.  The one post that is remotely something I could write about is the CodeIgniter DBForge utility that I wrote.  CodeIgniter appears to have some new life in it, and I still use it for most of my projects, but I’ve been hesitant to jump into writing about CodeIgniter because (a) I’m not sure if it does really have life back in it (may have missed the boat with Ellislabs doing nothing with it for so long (b) there are people that know the CodeIgniter framework a hell of a lot better than myself.  On the flip side another voice might be what’s needed in that realm (I think a lot of people who had been doing something with CodeIgniter, have moved onto other pursuits).