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Washers and Dryers Oh My!

This is day 9 of 10 Days to a Better Blog (I’m one day behind!)

“So they offered us their washer and dryer.  Their new place already has them.  Do you want them?” My wife asked me.
“Sure.  Ours are getting a bit old,” I replied.
“Okay I’ll let them know.”

A couple of weeks later a co-worker and I went to the storage unit where the washer and dryer were and get them.  I learned that I’ve either gotten weaker since I last moved them or they got heavier! Regardless we managed to get them loaded out without an injury and get them unloaded as well.

This last weekend I finally had sometime to put them into place.  As I was doing this, mostly by myself, I couldn’t help but think of all the things I was learning doing this.  That sounds a bit cheesy, but there’s really what I was thinking.  I got the old set out bringing any walls down or scratching them.  The old one’s I had a friend help me get into place.  Later we discovered that the dryer plugin was not long enough. So I had to replace that. Easy peasy!!!

This morning my wife was getting an error message on the washing machine.  I looked up the error code and soon began taking the front of the washer off and emptying the drain. There was a quarter in there!

I know some people don’t want the hassle of owning a house, for the exact reason’s that I seem to enjoy.  It’s not always easy, but over time I’ve learned some new things that will carry from project to project (the number 1 thing I’ve taken from one project to the next is to take your time…think it thru!).  Other times it’s a whole new experience and there are multiple trips to the hardware store.  Other times I just give up and call someone else to do it!

Lastly little boys are so much help in situations like this (insert lots of sarcasm here!)!!