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Week 1 complete – can do better!

So I finished up week 1 of this journey this morning. While the numbers look good I know I can do better.

First things first. I failed on working out twice last week. I had intentions of doing a workout on Thursday morning but when I went to bed on Wednesday I was just beat so I slept in. This week two workouts will happen.

On the eating aspect, of trying to eat healthier foods, I honestly didn’t pay that much attention so I’m trying to watch that this week. 

I think the first week of the year is a gimme on weight loss and having said that I lost this week.

Starting Weight: 223.8

Weight after week 1: 222.2

Starting waist measurement: 41.5

Waist measurement after week 1: 40.9

So progress but it’s what I would expect everyone goes thru the first week of the year! This 2nd week will be the real test on where things shake out.

Fasting was easy last week and was easy today. Three days a week seems good and I hope that I can see results with that.

How are your goals going for the new year?