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Week 2 -progress and feeling good!

This week was a good week in many aspects but progress in waist measurement and weight seems to have stalled for one reason or another. It’s bothersome but something I’m really trying to no concentrate on as it will get me down. I’m taking the mindset that fat is being burned from other areas that I’m not measuring. On the flip side I’m not sure where I’d be adding muscle!

On the plus side I’ve felt really great. I’m assuming this is due to fasting but I’m not really sure. There was one day in particular that I felt like I had a high while fasting.

So to recap. I got 3 days of fasting and two days of working out. My workouts right now are just walking on a treadmill at a high speed. I don’t know if I need to change that to something more intense. For now I will leave it as is.

Starting weight 1/2/17 – 223.8

Weight as of 1/16/17 – 221.2

Starting waist measurement 1/2/17 – 41.8

Waist measurement as of 1/16/17 – 40.9

The one thing I’ll concentrating on this week is good choices.

How did your week go?