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Weighing yourself sucks!

I think most of us would agree that weighing yourself sucks. Oh it’s great when the weight is going like a locamotive downhill (hello keto/low carb!) but when the scale moves up and you don’t know why it just sucks. No way around it!

Despite this issue it’s the way that we measure progress and one in which I’ll be using in this journey. But it’s not going to be my only way of measuring progress. 

The other way I intend on measuring is by watching my waist to height ratio. This number should be as close to .50 as possible. My current ratio is .57 so I have aways to go. I suspect that as this ratio improves my weight will be going down as well. If my waist goes down but my weight doesn’t it means I’m adding muscle! 

So I plan on watching my weight but I’m going to try and not focus on it as much because it can be discouraging but I think it’s a tool to use to see what works and what doesn’t! From yesterday to today I gained back 1.5 lbs! I really didn’t think I ate that.much yesterday but I probably had a bit more carbs than normal which I think made me retain water. My blood sugar was also higher than what I would like to see. 

Don’t be discouraged by the scale not showing what you want. The body, for most of us, is a mystery and we spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. Keep moving forward and get those goals!