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Welcome home. Here’s a flat tire!

This last week my family and I took our summer vacation.  We traveled ‘home’ to where my wife and I had grown up.  Both of our parents still reside there and for the most part it’s where we go for our vacations.  It’s quite the drive, 900 miles one way, but we break it down into two separate days since we have our little boy.  This makes it a bit more bearable, and with him getting older it’s easier. We arrived home yesterday after a 400 mile push.

I had parked my Jeep in the garage while we were gone and I needed to get it out so we could dump stuff into the garage and be on our way to chilling out for the rest of the day. However someone had other plans.  I had a flat tire on the Jeep.  Thankfully it was Saturday and I was able to find an open tire shop, the spare is flat as well, and they quickly repaired it for free.  When I got home the garage door was off of it’s track. Dang it!  Apparently I had left the caddy the carries my jack in the path of the garage door and it knocked it off of the tracks. So I quickly figured out how to remount the garage door and tightened up some of the screws and then put the tire back on.

It wasn’t really what I wanted to do when I got home, and I got a bit hot under the collar, but compared to the past I kept it cool.  I’ve been trying my best to do this. Keep cool and roll with the punches. Sometimes there are things that you can control and sometimes there are things that you can’t.  This was one of them that I couldn’t control. Well I could have controlled the garage door thing.