in General


Welcome to my home on the internet!  I’ve had many blogs and most of them have gone the way of the dodo or the way of something that’s no longer around!  My hope is that this will be different and won’t go away!  This will be my platform.  I’m not sure what my platform is, but this is where you’ll find it!

I’ve told myself for the longest time I wanted to be a writer/author.  Up until now I’ve really contained myself to being a fiction writer.  This blog is a change.  My hope is that it will get me writing on a consistent basis and improving my craft! You’ll probably get some fiction in here (as bad as it might be!), but you’ll get writing at least!  I have a lot of interests so things will be all over the place.  I don’t intend to make this a commercial blog, but if it heads that direction so be it.  But some areas that you can expect posts about are as follows:

  • Fatherhood – I am currently the father of a 20 month old boy!
  • Gaming – I like to do some gaming, but eventually I may phase this out!
  • Military Special Forces – I’ve always had a fascination with military special forces
  • Web Development/Computers – This is what pays the bills, so I of course will have some thoughts!
  • Books/Movies – Love to read and watch movies…when time allows!
  • Photography – I like taking pictures and hope to do more of that this year!
  • Fitness/Kettlebells – My fitness has been way down the list the last couple of years…this year that changes, so expect a lot of these types of posts!
  • Whatever comes to mind!

Lastly.  If you find any of my posts informative, inspiring, or if they evoke any type of emotion, I appreciate your thoughts…good or bad.  Let me know!