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What’s your perfect work environment?

Having the perfect work environment has always been something I’ve striven for.  I’m not sure why that is, perhaps its because I’ve mostly worked in brick and mortar business’s and I see ‘new business’s’ that have these kick ass environments.  I think the other side of it is the fact that we spend so much time working away from our homes and our families that it sure would be nice if we were spending it somewhere that was a bit less sterile and more welcoming.

So here’s my perfect work environment. What’s your’s?

  • Standing desk – After 15 years of working at a desk my back is starting to hurt me.  And I do try and make an effort to get up and walk, but it doesn’t happen all the time.  
  • Ability to shut myself off from the world around me.  No phone calls, shut off the e-mail and no stop by and fix my problem.  
  • Collaboration.  Despite my want up above this I want the ability to work with other people and get stuff accomplished.  I like shooting the shit like anyone else, but I want to get something done and I want to grow by bouncing ideas off of other people. I don’t want a ton of people, just the right amount! I should add that they should also be passionate about it.  I see WAY to many people who just want to ‘press the button’ and be done with it.  
  • As an overall look and feel I like the industrial look.  High ceilings, no drop ceiling.  Pipes above your head.  Old brick walls and wood floors.  

Your turn. What’s your perfect work environment?

PS: I will be getting back to PyroCMS development commentary this next week and will have some more to say, I hope.  So sorry for being a bit quiet as of late.  Due to not having the above, it took me about 4 weeks to get some data imported parsed and into a database that I can now work with (doing some work that would have needed to be done now or later…I did it now!)