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Where the Amazon Kindle falls short

I’ve gone from loving my Amazon Kindle to thinking about it as just another device in the house.  And here’s why.  With the Kindle my browsing for a book is limited.  You see I like to browse for my books.  Most of the time I do read authors that I’ve already read, but on the few times that I read a new author it’s the cover that has caught my eye or something else.  With the Kindle, at least the one that I have, this is available on a limited basis.

Kindle does have their bestsellers list and various other books that they a promoting.  I’ve found a few books off of that that I’ve downloaded samples from, but it just didn’t have the same feel as if I were in a book store looking.  As odd as it sounds it feels like there’s a lot of work to find a book on the Kindle than there is if I’m in a book store.  In the end that’s not really true, but it feels like that.  That’s not to say don’t get a Kindle, but just be aware of this limitation.  I think that Amazon will close the gap on this and they might have on their other devices.  I have a very basic WIFI Kindle.  I think the Kindle Fire might solve this issue with their book shelf, but I’m not sure.

Another solution is to come up with a Pandora like system for books. GoodReads sort of does this, but once again I find myself not liking what I’m being matched up with.  I think there’s another level of refinement that they need to go to, to match you up with books you might like. Right now it’s a social network for readers which is nice, but not so nice for finding other books.

I will continue to use my Kindle, but my effort to ‘kill less trees’ by using the Kindle has been put on hold.  In the mean time I’m looking for that Pandora for books.  Any suggestions out there?