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Where to find support for PyroCMS

I’m indirectly working on something with PyroCMS, but not diving into Pyro at this moment.  Once I do get back in there I’ll be posting some thoughts on that. 

Everyone, no matter what your level or experience of programming is going to need some support at some point.  And with Pyro being a fairly new CMS to the game I thought it was worth while posting something about where to get support.

  • Forums – Most obvious and I try and do my best to help out on there.  However I do see some posts go without any comments on it which is why I wanted to give a second opinion. 
  • IRC – There’s a few people that hang out on the IRC channel, sometimes the core devs, and you might get some response here if you need something quick.  

These two are the areas I would start with. There are a couple of Facebook groups for Pyro, on public and one private, that can be helpful as well should the first two no prove successful.

I have my next post in mind.  I’m not sure if I’ll post it up as it might be a bit controversial.

Anyhow happy coding!