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Why I Write

So I’m on the edges following along on John Saddingtons 10 Days to a Better Blog.  I say that I’m on the edge because I don’t have a Mac and I don’t own his desk app, which this is centered on. And that’s perfectly fine!  It’s given me something to write about and really coincides with my thoughts starting this year.

Day 2’s prompt is: why do you write.  

Good question.  One I’m not 100% sure I can answer fully. I started writing because I wanted to be an author.  This was way before I reached adulthood.  Back before E-Books were a thing and the only way to get published was to send in letters with a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE).  I think I submitted a few to magazines, but never heard anything back.  I’ve got a ton of those stories collecting dust on the computer somewhere.  So that was my initial reason for wanting to write.

Over the past few months I’ve gotten into journaling a bit more.  Sometimes I’m on top of it and I’ll go consecutive days writing.  More times than not, I don’t write anything.  However as the new year finally came into being, I did my usual retrospective and writing was one of the things I really enjoyed and wanted to do more of.  There were other things that I wanted to do, but when the rubber met the road they didn’t intrigue me as much.  Sure some of them could lead to something new, but as hard as it is for me to realize life is to short to do something you aren’t interested in.

The journaling was an area where I could just write about the day.  Frustrations, battles won, funny things, and at times I’d even dip into fiction.  Just put the pen to paper and write.  It was cathartic.

So that’s why I write. My hope is these ten days of writing prompts, or whatever you will call them, will get me writing here again, perhaps refine what I want to write about.  Perhaps not.  Prompt me to start putting down some fiction that I’ve always wanted to do something with.  Just never had the umph to get through to the end of it.

Why do you write?