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Writing Environment

Continuing along on day 3 of 10 Days to a Better Blog, the topic is “Writing Environment”

Right now my environment is really when I get to write.  That really should be changed if I’m going to make this writing thing a habit or pursue it in some fashion.  But as a father to two young boys and needing to spend time with my wife, it’s a case of “I write when I can or I am moved to write”.

If I am to make any inroads on writing this has got to change.  I already know when I should write and it’s early morning.  If I had my druthers about me I’d work from like 5 until noon, or whatever the typical 8 hour work day works out to be!  I do my best work in the morning.  Right now I’m up and at it anywhere from 10 to 6 to 15 after 6.  Depends on the day.  I think I could probably work my way down to getting up at 5AM and get some writing in.  Even if it’s a small amount it would be better than nothing. The hitch in that scenario right now is I have one young son who would love it if I would get up with him at 5AM.  He doesn’t like to sleep!!  So I’d have to figure out ways around that.

The next step on this process would be finding an area where I could be productive.  I think all of us have our ‘dream place’ for writing (mine is a cabin in the mountains with a stream bubbling by!), but right now that’s not a reality.  I do know one thing is that if I’m on a computer I get easily distracted.  Facebook?  Yup!  You name it I’ll find some other reason to be on the computer other than writing.  However I am finding myself making a point of not getting distracted by the ‘shiny’.  Since I am without a laptop at the moment I think the place that this would have to be is my makeshift office.  It really wouldn’t take much for me to get a laptop up and running so in that case it would be the kitchen table.  I haven’t thought much about standing up or sitting down and what would be better, but that might be something to explore as well.

Onto day 4!