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Your Friendly Tech Person!

I think the words on this can be changed to fit a wide variety of technical or non-technical positions.

Dear former customer,

I’m sorry that you feel like we quoted you to much to redo your website.  It has nothing to do with the fact that you provided us with no idea of what you wanted done to your site, so we threw out a generic number.  It was us.  We are sorry to see you go and we will miss your business, but I did want to point out a few things that, while you didn’t pay for them, you still received them and I hope your new hosting provider will provide them for you.

  • Remember when you wanted your Nokia phone to receive e-mail?  Yup.  You called us to help you do that.  No charge.  We were surprised that Nokia still had phones that people purchased!
  • You got some money burning a hole in your pocket and you’re looking to get a new computer.  What do we think you should get?  Yes we helped you out with that as well.  No charge.
  • Oh you got that new computer we recommended and didn’t save any of your e-mail information?  Yeah we helped you with that as well.
  • Your browser won’t pull up certain sites, but it does pull up your own site?  Yup we made sure your site would load in the various different browsers and the different versions even though it’s a royal pain in the ass.

So yes the quote we quoted you may have been a bit high, or we may have been able to make it a bit lower had you given us more information, but that’s a thing of the past and we are sorry to see you go!  We do hope your new web designer gave you a good price on the WordPress theme they bought for your new site (rather than building it themselves).  We hope that when you have issues with your phone or a new computer or a browser they are able to help you as well as we did.


Your former web hosting/web development/do all things with the computer shop

Despite the post above, I’m not bitter.  Stuff happens and clients move on.  Its the business cycle.  However I think some of the smaller non-chargeable, the addon’s if you will, are forgotten when customers get to looking at the money they are spending.  So customers, keep these things in mind when making those decisions to move to another cheaper host or developer.  And developers/web hosts, take a look at what you have provided for them and ask yourself if you’ve been fair.