When you’re a kid, going to the doctor is pretty painless for the most part. At times you will get shots but that moment of pain passes pretty quickly. Things change when you reach middle age..or at least I believe it does.

This is when you start to realize you are mortal and your body is on the downhill slide. The doctor tells you have high blood pressure when you’re 34 or 35 and you think he’s full of shit and you’re to young to have high blood pressure. But you go home and measure it and realize he’s not so full of it. Or like this week when you visit the eye doctor and the assistant makes a little joke that you don’t need readers.. yet!

Little things like this start to creep up in middle age and just make you realize it’s only going to keep going this direction so buckle in and do what you can to hold them off. Or it makes you think about not visiting the doctor like some other people do!