Ignore the critics. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Put your money down and go and be prepared to be entertained for almost two and a half hours.

I’ve seen headlines flit across my online vision that have said “Aquaman didn’t tie things into Justice League” (FWIW…it did…in two places. I didn’t dwell on it a lot but it was mentioned!) or “Aquaman would have been a better movie had it been worse” (huh??). I’m sorry for the writers that were paid to write this stuff but you can shove it!

Aquaman was a good origin story…I dare say that I liked it better than any of the recent Marvel movies that have been produced. I think a big part of me saying that is that I’m burnt out on Marvel being the absolute greatest at any type of comic book movie. It sets the bar so high the no matter what DC will never be able to live up to it and I think it’s a load of bullshit! The people who are reviewing these movies are not reviewing them for enjoyment but for the artistic fundamentals or some other BS that most of society doesn’t care about. We want to go to a movie and be entertained.

So just go and see Aquaman!