Two days later I’m still sore from a almost 7 mile trail run at Curt Gowdy. My feet hurt. My lower legs hurt when I go down the stairs but not going up! It was not my intent to do 7 miles but my communication with the guy I was running with was apparently not on point and I wasn’t going to argue. We were just on a run in the woods. And I forgot my water and it was hot.
The route we ended up running was a lot of the 8 mile race course that I ran last year. Its down hill for a bit, but then it starts climbing from there where it reaches the peak of that area. To give you an idea of what it’s like, it is like the Turtle Rock trail but with more climbing on it (maybe not as high bit I’m not sure). After climbing we then ‘bored’ our way back down to Crow Creek and across it for another climb, but this one a lot more gradual. 

Besides forgetting my water bottle, which won’t happen again, it was a pretty uneventful run. I do not remember being this sore after my 8 mile race last year but I was also running a lot more miles (not that many). I’ve signed up for the four mile race this year but I am contemplating changing to the 8 for more of a challenge! Despite the soreness I wish that I could get out onto the trails a bit more. Despite the heavy breathing and the pain, at times, it’s great to be out in nature.