I don’t really think of this as the first weigh in since it’s only been a few days since the 1st of the year but this goes with being consistent.

Weight: 220.2 (no change)

Waist: 41.3 (0.9 of an inch down)

Had I only stepped on the scale this morning I probably would be down about it. But I told myself before stepping on the scale that it’s okay if it doesn’t move or if it’s gone up. I’ve been doing what I set out to do and this is a marathon and not a sprint.

So far I’ve done two workouts this week and they’ve been good. I do about 5-10 minutes of kettlebells and then I’ll get on the treadmill and run for a little over a mile. I’ve been telling myself to take it easy as these workouts have been fairly easy so far. For at least one of the days I’ll increase the kettlebell stuff and lower or eliminate the running. I’ve also been waking up early so I have been tempted to workout an extra day but for now I’ve just stayed in bed.

A couple of things I’ve ran across this week that have stuck with me.

If insulin is high fat loss can’t happen. (From this episode of the Low Carb MD Podcast with Jason Fung)

If you eat more than 150 grams of fat a day it’s hard to lose weight. (this comes from a post that I saw from Ted Naiman on Twitter)

How has your new year’s journey been going?